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NVC Toolkit for Facilitators

$ 75.00

By Raj Gill, Lucy Leu, and Judi Morin

Interactive Activities and Awareness Exercises Based on 18 Key Concepts for the Development of NVC Skills and Consciousness.

Internationally respected NVC trainers, Judi Morin, Raj Gill, and Lucy Leu have come together to codify over 20 years of training experience in one hands-on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) facilitator guide. Whether you’re a new facilitator, a seasoned trainer looking to incorporate a more experiential approach, or a team of trainers, the NVC Toolkit has a wealth of resources for you. By breaking NVC down into 18 key concepts, this Toolkit provides succinct teaching tools that can be used on their own for shorter sessions or combined for a long-term or multi-session training.

Your NVC Toolkit purchase includes:

  • Hard Copy Exercise Manual —500+ page manual with exercises, activities, and facilitator scripts to guide you in sharing 18 key NVC concepts
  • Electronic Downloads — Access to 21 Learning Aids and 33 Handouts to create an interactive, hands-on learning environment
  • Instructional Video Clips — Access 20 short clips and one 30-minute video to help clarify some of the more complex activities

About the Authors

Raised in different cultures and languages, Raj Gill, Lucy Leu, and Judi Morin found their lives intersecting at the culture of peace through the language of Nonviolent Communication. Judi Morin, a Sister of St. Ann, served for 26 years as a prison chaplain for Correctional Service Canada. Lucy Leu co-founded Freedom Project to establish Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness training for prisoners and returnees (those returning to the community from prison). Raj Gill brings 30 years of teaching experience to the Nonviolent Communication and leadership training she leads for schools, youth groups, prisons, businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations.

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